College Key Award Winners

Presented by the Alumni Council on behalf of the Hamilton Alumni Association, the purpose of this award is to recognize individuals who have performed a service or activity which has directly benefited a specific volunteer program or the College in a tangible way. The individual may be an alumnus/a, parent or friend of Hamilton.

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John Allen ’60 - NYC Regional Affairs and the Highline Tour


Michael Fawcett ’66 and Hedy Foreman – Annual Business Plan Pitch Competition
Patrick Gilrane ’83 – Networking & mentoring of Psi Upsilon alumni & students
Paul Freyer ’83 - Networking & mentoring of Psi Upsilon alumni & students
Mark Kahn ’70 – Adirondack Chairs built and placed around campus


Peggy Garte ’01 - Career Center Volunteer - pre-law programs
Kate Childs ’08 - Leader of Regional Events, NYC
Liz Menges ’84, P’12, 17 - 30th Reunion Planning Committee
Julia Cowles ’84 - 30th Reunion Planning Committee
Bob Hansmann ’72 - Regional host and consistent supporter of Hamilton
Pat Murphy ’80 - Re-engaging alumni Greek society members with Hamilton
Jo Pitkin K’78 - Organizing multiple readings to launch Lost Orchard: Prose and Poetry from the Kirkland College Community, which she also edited and produced
Paul Reichert ’90 - Host of DC regional events - three in one year
Nelson and Tory Walsh P’14- Hosts, student mentors & Parents Fund chairs



Kathleen McDonough ’93 - Planning the “best reunion ever” for the Class of 1993
Andrew Burns ’78 - Class President extraodinaire
Alyssa Ross Eppich ’81 – Class of 1981 Facebook page
Amy Greenan ’04 – GOLD Power Breakfasts
Rich Vellante ’86 – 1812 Leadership NYC Weekend presentations



Stephen M. Downey ’60, P’87 and K.T. Sullivan - bicentennial and Algonquin performances
Judy Siverstein Gray K’78- bicentennial and Florida regional president
Dennis and Patricia Phillips (FR) - Adirondack program


James A. ’74, P’06 and Jan Rishel P’06 - Friends of Hamilton Football program
Mark C. Kasdorf ’06 - Venture Pitch Competition
Stacy M. Sadove ’07 - Elihu Root Society – GOLD
Steven I.  Wulf ’72, P’12 - Concept and planning of “200 Days” Bicentennial issue of the Alumni Review
Adrienne Ruger Conzelman ’92 - Hamilton Makes Art 2



William Droste ’03 (Hamilton/Red Sox evenings at Fenway Park, Boston)
Virginia N. Berg ’02 (Chicago Arts Weekend)
Harry Gelb ’77 (HART volunteer; Admissions volunteer)
William E. Wolf ’82 (Chicago Arts Weekend; Host/Chicago Rising Star Events)



Bruce H. Dobkin ’69 (Sponsor of paid internships in neuroscience)
Class of 1969 40th Reunion Committee: E. John Effinger ’69, P'00
Steven T. Kenny ’69, P’07; Jeffrey R. Parsons ’69
D. Roger Howlett ’66 (Boston Arts Weekend)
Lee Kreinheder (Hamilton’s Root Glen preservation)
Jerry ’71 and Marie Pitarresi P’08, P’10 (Alumni and Friends of Football Assoc)
Roger T. Servison P’11 (Boston Arts Weekend; Parents Advisory Council)
Joseph L. Sipos ’03 (Hamilton Swimming and Diving Reunion)
Kevin H. Thompson ’04 (Hamilton Swimming and Diving Reunion)


R. Durwood Almkuist II ’67 (Alternative Spring Break)
Jon. P. Bellona ’03 (Run for the Fallen)
Julio R. Dolorico ’88 (Bay Area Alliance)
Daniel R. Garcia ’84 (Multicultural Reunion)
Shauna J. Sweet ’03 (Run for the Fallen)<
Sara R. Weinstein ’02 (The Great Debators event and student scholarship support)
David H. Morse ’83 (Career Center)
T. Richard Parker ’58 (Class Correspondent)


Nelma (Nikki) Nenneau Fillius W’44 (Fallcoming Jazz Concerts)
Penny Watras Dana K’78 (All-Kirkland Reunion)
Paul J. Flynn ’72 (Boston Region))


MaryAnn and Stephen Phillips P’07 (Parents’ Fund)
Robert S. Simon ’85 (Oregon Region)
George H. Elferink ’61 (Class Leadership)
Lea Haber Kuck ’87 (NYC Rising Star Luncheon Host)
Brendan McCormick ’01 (Hamilton's Wall Street Association)


Clarence E. Aldridge ’45 (Half-Century Reunion)
Daniel J. Custodio’00 (Latino Renaissance)
Peggy Daniel ’80 (25th Reunion)
Steven B. Sands ’80 (25th Reunion)
Francis J. Tietje ’80 (25th Reunion)
Robert E. and Katharine P. Booth P’06 (Philadelphia Art Weekend)
Geoffrey C. Emerson ’61 (WAVE)
James A. ’68 and Anne M. Schoff P’94 (Sophomore Seminar hosts)


John B. Root ’44 (Elihu Root, Jr., Class of 1903: Lawyer-Painter)
Mary B. (Molly) Root W’36, P’70. K’72, K'75 (Elihu Root, Jr., Class of 1903: Lawyer-Painter)
Lynne J. Salkin ’00 (GOLD Group - Boston)
K. Tommy Liem ’98 (GOLD Group - Boston)
Alan H. Silverman ’76 (Arizona Region)
John N. Villios ’73 (WAVE)
Edward L. Deci ’64 (Monhegan Island: An Artists’ Tradition)   Wilson C. Everhart, Jr. ’70, P’02 (WAVE/Class President)   Elizabeth Tantillo (Hamilton Ambassador Extraordinary)


Thomas P. ’64 and Elizabeth A. Guerin P’01   (WAVE)
Charles G. Mortimer ’49 (Dramatic Arts/student mentoring)   Lewis H. ’58 and Willy Sandler (North Texas Region)
William J. Anthony ’85 (Football Alumni Network)
Barbara Graves Starnes P’80 (Reunion hospitality)


Katherine C. Hastings ’82 (Hamilton Collects)
David Nathans ’72 (Hamilton Collects)
Helen McGee Konrad ’84 (Swimmers Reunion)
Craig R. Lasher ’81 (Swimmers Reunion)
Beth P. Robitaille ’85 (Swimmers Reunion)
Amanda J. Geib ’91 (Career Center)
Herbert I. Kestenbaum ’63 (Media advisor)


Sarah E. Bokland ’98 (GOLD Group - Boston)
Adrienne Ruger Conzelman ’92 (Hamilton Makes Art)
Craig A. Mengel ’75 (HOLAC)
Laurence A. Savett ’57 (Squires Reunion)
Frank C. Vlossak IV ’89 (Washington, D.C. Region)
Claude C. Cicchetti ’80 (WAVE)
Frank J. Clark, Jr. ’37 (Princeton Region)
Katherine J. Cookingham ’92 (Career Center)
Alan B. Miller P'89, ’95 (Pro-bono legal work)
A. Craig Purcell ’70 (Pro-bono legal work)


Lee H. Bristol, III ’83 (Adler Conference)
Kecia N. Hayes ’89 (BLAN)
Torrence D. Moore ’92 (BLAN)
Frederick R. Selch ’52 (Celebration of the Performing Arts)   Robert L. Simon P’91, ’94 (Chair, 1st campus fundraising campaign)
David G. Snell ’64 (John Baldwin memorial dinner/concert)   Dionne A. Wheatley ’90 (BLAN)
Alumni All-Star Jazz Band (Reunion gigs): Robert M. Abrams ’53;
Donn R. Andre ’58; Gordon T. Bourns ’58; Emerson L. Brown ’56; James L. Collier ’50; George D. Hall ’53; John R. Ibach, Jr. ’55;  Philip B. Mead ’59; Michael Parker; Paul Parker (posthumous);    Richard C. Sherman ’53; John A. von Bergen ’63  
G. Roberts Kolb P’99, ’02 (Choir Tours)
Thomas C. Succop ’58 (Campus landscaping)



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