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Support from our alumni, parents, and friends is gratefully acknowledged. Thank you, everyone!
Honor Roll

About the Honor Roll

Hamilton College respects donor privacy. If at any time you decide you do not want your name listed, or if you notice an error, please please contact Dana Hubbard at 866-729-0315 or dhubbard@hamilton.edu so that we may correct our records.

2020 Impact Report
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No matter the amount contributed, our community is coming together to transform the lives of students who will, in turn, use their Hamilton education to transform society.

Thank You

Sam and Katie Bono

Class of '00

Jim Cumming

Class of '78

Zane Murdock

Class of '99

Charlotte Botha

Christopher Winget

Elizabeth Groubert

Class of '21

Shout out to Frankie Lapertosa for throwing a fabulous event in NYC for Hamilton ‘20 and ‘21 grads.

Kristen Rosenbaum

Checca Parson

Class of '21

Bob Siembida

Class of '86

Kristen Holderle

Class of '00

Mike Lane

Class of '65

Taylor Williams

Class of '06

Jeff Neidhardt

Class of '89

Laura Colella

Laura Colella

Lexie Powers

Class of '95

Lexie Powers

Class of '95

Erin Head

Class of '97

Benjamin Holloway

Class of '14

Kevin Brown

Class of '83

Cenk Tek

Jonathan Ingram

Shammara Wright

Class of '04

Vivian Allen

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