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Support from our alumni, parents, and friends is gratefully acknowledged. Thank you, everyone!
Honor Roll

About the Honor Roll

Hamilton College respects donor privacy. If at any time you decide you do not want your name listed, or if you notice an error, please please contact Dana Hubbard at 866-729-0315 or dhubbard@hamilton.edu so that we may correct our records.

2020 Impact Report
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No matter the amount contributed, our community is coming together to transform the lives of students who will, in turn, use their Hamilton education to transform society.

Thank You

Jay Kim

Class of '11

John Fisher

Class of '15

George Nehme

Class of '79

Sarah Daviau

Class of '05

Amy Marchesi

Class of '13

Shannon Cuthbert

Class of '14

Lauren Cook

Class of '03

Martha Barrett Schwerdtle

Class of '72K

Jennifer and Matthew Baumgartner

Class of '03

have the tools to pursue leadership positions at work and in my community.

Paul Bleiberg

Class of '06

Bill Eberle

Class of '67

Emma Raynor

Class of '18

Jordan Feltus

Class of '06

Patrick Gilrane

Class of '83

Because of Hamilton I'm able to help and mentor the next generation of leaders.

Sarah Townsend

Class of '05

Anna Sakamoto

Class of '23

I love being a new initiated member of the ATX sorority. My sisters lift me up and support me.

Sandy Webb

Class of '05

Nathaniel Cramer

Class of '92

Because of Hamilton, I know how to learn, teach, write, and speak. My family and I are forever grateful.

Pam Havens

Jennie Wilber

Class of '17

Philip Stewart

Elizabeth Califano

Class of '11

Evan Dankner

Class of '04

Anastasia Vasilenko

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