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Hamilton is like a small city. We have our own government, newspaper, radio station, health center, bookstore, orchestra, art museum, theatre, chapel, sports teams and fitness center. And if you can’t find what you want on campus, we run a jitney to area attractions that offer a diverse array of dining, shopping and cultural options. 
Jorett Joseph in Keehn residence hall

Where to Live

From large residence halls to small houses and apartments, and from singles to quads to suites, we offer a wide range of housing options.

Students eating in McEwen in front of mural

Where to Eat

Our food options are good, but they’ll never compare to what you’re used to at home. On the other hand, the mango brie panini at Café Opus is something you’ll write home about.

Bicycles in front of McEwen

How to Get Around

Hamilton students don’t need a car on campus to run an errand, visit the mall or go out to dinner and a movie. They can use the Jitney shuttle service, sign up for a Zipcar, take a taxi or hop the public bus.

Character and values matter; leadership matters; brains, creativity and taking initiative matter. Whether it was something related to the academic curriculum, sports or music or one of the arts, whether it was managing a fraternity or sorority or whatever … it’s pretty much a student-run town.

A.G. Lafley ’69—

former president and CEO, Procter & Gamble

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