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Recommend a Library Purchase


The collections of the Hamilton College Libraries have been developed and maintained across two centuries to support teaching and learning at Hamilton. The Libraries continue to develop our collection of diverse resources reflecting our curriculum and student body. Strategies to acquire and maintain these resources necessarily have evolved as well; we are continually adopting new acquisition models to provide the most economical access to needed research materials. The Hamilton Libraries collect, organize, preserve and provide access to materials in a variety of formats.

The Libraries acquire material through purchase, subscription, or “just in time” models such as pay-per-view. Librarians use strategies that provide for the anticipated needs of patrons; faculty are encouraged to submit requests for new or previously published materials that will support curricular needs. The Library accepts gifts within the limitations of our collection policy and our space considerations. 

Refer to the guidelines below to recommend a purchase to enhance the library collections.

Ask to Buy Form 

(Login to Library account required)


Books, CDs, DVDs

Request options:

Email request to asktobuy@hamilton.edu
Fill out the Ask to Buy form (login to library account required)
Drop off or mail request to Acquisitions, Burke Library

Please include the following with your request:

Creator (e.g., author, composer, performer, etc.)
Date of publication
Format (book, CD, DVD)
ISBN or UPC (if known)
Department to which the purchase should be charged
Where you found your information (e.g., publisher's catalog, website with url, review from a journal or newspaper, etc.)
Special instructions


To discuss journals or other serial sets that would benefit your courses and research, contact your department Research Support Liaison.

Journal subscriptions represent an ongoing cost to the college that is subject to an annual inflation rate of 4-6% or higher. Because of this, the request for a new subscription requires careful consideration with the final decision being made by the director of the library. Normally, the academic department will be asked if there are existing titles of roughly equal cost they are willing to cancel. 

Requests should include:
Title, publisher, place of publication, and ISSN


To request trials or discuss database resources that would benefit your courses and research, contact your department Research Support Liaison or Lynn Mayo, Research and Electronic Resources Librarian; lmayo@hamilton.edu, 315-859-4746.

Article databases and other electronic collections typically require annual licensing agreements that result in an ongoing cost to the college. While we are happy to set up trials and explore purchasing options, the addition of a new database often requires the termination of an existing one.


Barbara Swetman
Acquisitions and Serials Librarian

Tim Fox
Serials Assistant

Cat Stern
Acquisitions & Cataloging Assistant


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Last updated: November 12, 2019

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