3D Printing Appointment Request
Request an appointment regarding 3D printing.

Account Request Form
The Administrative Account Request Form must be completed by the Department Security Manager to authorize, modify or remove user privileges.

Audiovisual Group Recording Release Form
Permission statement for video or audio recording of students in class.

Audiovisual Individual Recording Release Form
Permission statement for video or audio recording of speaker, performer, or author.

Computer Purchase Approval
Used for requesting computer equipment outside of the annual budgetary process.

Create a ListServ List
Request the creation of a new mailing list.

Employee Information Technology Resource Request
Request electronic account resources (email, network, print) for temporary employees

FYE Course Instruction
Request information literacy instruction for your FYE course.

Interlibrary Loan Requests
Request materials from another library.

Lab Equipment Problems
Report problems with lab equipment.

Large Format Poster (LFP) Printing Appointment Request
Request a large format poster printing appointment. It takes approximately one hour for a single poster to print.

Library Deliveries
Request for library materials to be sent to, or picked up from, your office.

Library Instruction
Arrange for course-related or course-integrated information literacy instruction with a Research Librarian.

Library Reserves
To place materials on reserve for a course.

Request a Purchase
Request materials be added to the library collection.

Research and Technology Assistance
Request assistance with research or digital media projects.

SCA Class Visit Form
Reserve Special Collections and Archives materials for a class visit.

Software Request Form
In addition to the standard suite of software that is installed on lab workstations and technology enhanced (TE) classrooms, faculty members can request to have additional, specialized software installed for their specific academic needs.

Web Services Support
A collection of forms for making requests and getting support from our Web Services team (Web application development).

VPN Request Form
As of July 19, 2012, any Hamilton employee connecting to on-campus resources, from off-campus, using a Remote Desktop connection (Mac or Windows) needs to use a secure connection through what is known as a virtual private network (VPN) BEFORE using Remote Desktop.

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