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Training and Development

Human Resources encourages College employees to take advantage of one or two-day community seminars designed to develop basic personal, professional, managerial, supervisory and technical skills.


I see other people working from home/telecommuting. How do I know if this is an option that is available to me?

Your supervisor and/or division officer should discuss with you the opportunity that may exist to work from home/telecommute. The responsibilities of some jobs are such that working from home for some portion of the week/telecommuting are possible. This is a decision that has to be made by the division head, in consultation with the supervisor.

I don’t always feel like I know what my supervisor expects of me. How can I ensure that his/her expectations are communicated clearly to me?

We hope that all employees know what is expected of them and encourage supervisors to communicate their expectations. Many departments/divisions attempt to clarify expectations by developing a “code of conduct” statement that helps define operational expectations. In addition, expectations can also be communicated in the form of goals through the evaluation process.

I am interested in professional development/training opportunities, but I don’t feel like I’m able to take time away from my primary duties to pursue them. How can I pursue these opportunities without compromising the time dedicated to my primary duties?

Professional development is an important part of the Hamilton culture. Employees are encouraged to consult with their supervisor about appropriate development opportunities. It is expected that work time will be made available for professional development and that your plans are discussed with your supervisor and approved in advance so that the operation is not negatively impacted.

Where can I find out about professional opportunities that are available to me?

Please consider discussing with your supervisor the possibility of opportunities that may be available and applicable to you. Human Resources can also be a good resource to assist you with general opportunities.

Wellness seems to be highly emphasized here. How do I know if I can accommodate a time for fitness during my work schedule?

Wellness is a very important part of the Hamilton culture and all employees are encouraged to take advantage of the various wellness programs that the College offers. Because of the nature of the wellness opportunities, they can be taken advantage of either before or after an employee’s shift or during the noon lunch hour. Flexibility in an employee’s work schedule does exist to help them obtain their wellness goals but should always be discussed and approved by a supervisor.

I wish there was a better sense of community here at the College. Even at events like the Community lunches, I see people sitting only with their officemates. Does the Senior Staff have any ideas on how to encourage employees to interact/socialize more with those outside of their offices/divisions?

From academic to wellness, as well as many other areas, the College offers a number of great events for employees and students to take advantage of. We believe strongly that these events add to the richness of our culture and foster the possibilities for interactions among our community members and, in doing so, builds upon our strong sense of community. Employees should make every effort to participate in events to help reinforce and demonstrate the importance to our sense of community.

I don’t feel like I am able to attend many of the social events that the College offers. How do I find out if I’m able to?

Please consider the importance of attending events offered by the College but also remember to discuss with your supervisor if the event coincides with your work schedule.

Based on my employment status (part-time, full-time), I don’t understand what my benefits (current and retirement) are. Can someone explain this to me?

We hope that any employee who may have questions about their status and/or specific benefits, reaches out to Human Resources. Members of the Human Resources team are available to help you understand the details of the College’s benefit plans. In addition, please consult the Human Resources and Business Office websites for additional information.

As a staff person, I feel underrepresented in my division as well as in the College community as a whole. Is the Senior Staff doing anything to change this, and what can we do to change this?

This is unfortunate, and we would probably need to better understand what is meant by “underrepresented”. Senior staff believes that the College does offer many opportunities to become engaged in the community. Participating in organizations such as Staff Assembly is one way to have a better understanding of college activities and a voice in helping to shape them.

I think our tools and technology are out of date. Can anything be done so that we can have more modern equipment?

Having the right tools to do your best work is critical. It is not always possible to be able to provide the latest or most technological solution given the College’s budget constraints. Your supervisor and senior staff should be notified when the appropriate tools or technology is not being utilized.

I have just taken on my first supervisory role, and I want to make sure that I am prepared for it. What opportunities do I have to develop my leadership and managerial skills?

The College recognizes the challenges that come with being in a supervisory position for the first time. One example that the College has developed to address this is the Hamilton Management Roundtable that is held as an annual activity to help employees in supervisory roles. Crucial conversations is another training opportunity that can be very helpful to those in supervisory roles. Debby Quayle leads both of these trainings. In addition, you can also investigate and attend conferences or workshops that are designed to improve your professional or interpersonal skills. Human Resources and/or your supervisor may be able to help with these opportunities or others. Also, please consider inviting any senior staff member to meet and talk about leadership skills, challenges, and possible opportunities.

What is the spousal hiring policy?

Currently, there is no policy that provides preference to spouses/partners during the hiring process. The College is careful to consider a spouse/partner and the impact it may have to operations and/or the College’s employment of relatives policy. The College has assembled a committee to further examine the possibilities that may exist both on and off campus for spouses/partners.

Is the College still on a "hiring freeze" in that when a staff vacancy occurs, it isn't automatically filled?

Senior staff are required to complete a through “packet” that includes a justification, position description, salary data, and review from the budget office. All packets/vacancies are discussed by senior staff. Generally, the College is not increasing the number of positions but have been refilling or reallocating positions when they become vacant.

At one time it seemed that the College was looking to save money and if a staff position could be shifted to less than full-time, say from 12 to 11 months, that this possibility could be considered. If so, who makes the decision?

The recommendation is made by the supervisor based upon the needs of the operation. If it can be accommodated it only needs final approval by the Vice President in charge of that area and Human Resources

Regarding Campus parking tickets, can't there be a reduced rate for staff?

The College believes that charging the same rate to all for parking tickets is fair and appropriate. It is critical that everyone park in the appropriate places to help promote the efficient operations of the College while not impeding safety requirements.

Regarding non-exempt staff on sick leave, should they be coming into the office or attending office functions?

Any employee who is out of work under a doctor’s direction should not be coming to work or attending functions on campus unless reviewed and approved to do so by Human Resources

We have heard that certain people are retiring. How do we know if that is true and when it will happen?

Retirement can be a very personal and private decision. The College respects those employees who are considering this decision and works in consultation with the employee to determine the appropriate communication strategy.

Would Hamilton ever consider offering services to its employees for such things as filing taxes, managing finances ....whether for free or at a reduced rate? Whether it was from Alumni or Staff that are well educated/trained in this area.

It is important for the College to consider its solicitation policy as well as its conflict of interest policy when considering whether or not to offer benefits from Alum or at reduced rates. The College currently has an Employee Assistance program through Besigner, Dupont and Associates to help with a variety of concerns.

Why is there no regular program of promotions or career ladders at Hamilton? Employees are hired and have the same titles years later, despite having learned new skills, taken on additional responsibilities, and become more valuable year after year just by gaining more experience. Why is there no program to recognize employees' increasing worth through promotions and salary increases?

A number of departments have developed specific standards/requirements for employees to consider for advancement. Those employees who meet the department’s requirements for advancement, once completed, are recognized through title, change in their job description, and in many cases a pay rate adjustment. The College recognizes that not all positions on campus are situated to advance in some structured capacity. In response to this, the College offers a very generous tuition reimbursement program for employees looking to pursue additional education, and allocates significant professional development funding to support certifications, specialized training, etc…

Why is it that the raise pool for faculty is sometimes different than the raise pool for staff?

The raise pools for faculty and staff start out the same and then may become different in order to achieve competitive market position based on data for that position. For faculty, an amount is allocated based on achieving a rank within a reference group of 25 colleges. For staff we examine competitive data and allocate an amount when we see that positions are under market. For 2015/16, inflation the previous year was 0.4%. The wage pools for both faculty and staff were 2.5%. $150,000 was added for market adjustments for faculty and $88,000 was added for staff.

With all of the ghost stories associated with the former Minor theatre, I was wondering if: during conversion of it to student housing, did any construction workers experience or witness the supernatural? Now that students have resided in there for a little over a semester has anyone reported paranormal activity?

There is apparently a ghost that walks around at 3 p.m. when the building is empty, still looking for people who haven’t returned library books from when this was Hamilton’s first library.

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