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Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Hamilton allocates all gifts given through the Annual Fund to three of the College’s top priorities: 70 percent to the financial-aid budget strengthening the need-blind promise; 20 percent to the expanding programs of the Career and Life Outcomes Center; and 10 percent to sustaining Hamilton’s hallmark of developing persuasive writers and articulate speakers. It’s a powerful combination that unlocks for every student both a distinctive education today, and opportunities for a productive and satisfying life after commencement.


For Financial Aid ($4.9 million)

Hamilton’s total financial aid budget for 2015-16 is more than $36 million, of which $4.9 million will come from Annual Fund gifts. Annual giving is essential to sustaining our need-blind admission promise, ensuring that the College has the resources to admit the best possible candidates to our College community regardless of family finances, and to fill our classrooms, residence halls, playing fields, labs and studios with talented women and men who seek the most from their education.


For Career and Life Outcomes ($1.4 million)

The Career and Life Outcomes Center (CLOC) posted 600 job opportunities and 460 internship offerings last year. Seventy-one percent of Hamilton students engaged with CLOC programming, and professional staff and peer tutors completed 2,836 student appointments. The Center offered more than 250 programs, including Interview Mojo, Career Explo, First Year Forward and How I Got My Internship. Annual Fund gifts sustain this rapidly expanding resource for every student.


For Writing and Speaking ($700,000)

The Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center and the Oral Communication Center uphold Hamilton’s tradition of graduating skilled writers and persuasive speakers — the foundation of leadership. Thirty professionally trained and mentored student peer writing tutors assisted 971 students (almost half of all undergraduates) in 2,655 individual writing conferences last year alone. The Oral Communication Center provided 710 student conferences during the same time, serving courses in 23 departments or programs. In total, nearly 100 courses throughout the curriculum include an oral communication component. Annual Fund gifts underwrite this honored hallmark of a Hamilton education, aptly symbolized by the quill atop the College Chapel.