Recent Hamilton students who have applied to veterinary medical school have had excellent success in the admission process. Although they ordinarily apply broadly, in recent years Hamilton graduates have most often enrolled at Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, and Tufts. Because there are only 30 accredited vet schools in the United States and Canada, and because many schools restrict the number of out-of-state students they will admit, admission to vet school is highly competitive.   Since the academic preparation required is not uniform for all schools, students preparing for the veterinary profession are encouraged to plan their courses early in their first year of college. Careful planning will allow students to major in any discipline they choose, study abroad, and complete the requirements for veterinary school in time to apply in the fall of the senior year.

Veterinary schools also require many hours of both veterinary and animal experience so students should use every summer and January break to gain experience.

Students interested in veterinary medicine will find extensive information about the field, including research opportunities, the requirements for each US and Canadian veterinary school, and more on the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges web site. There, students may also sign up to receive a monthly newsletter, a guide to a veterinary medical career, as well as regular webinars on preparing for a career in veterinary medicine as well as applying to veterinary school.

Pre-vet students should consider becoming a member of the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (APVMA), a national organization of students whose goal is to promote and stimulate interest in the field; create a forum for communication between pre-vet clubs and organizations; and provide resources to students on pursuing the field of veterinary medicine.

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