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Insurance Information

Attention Students

If you have a prescription card or participate in an insurance benefit copay plan or have MEDICAID, it is your responsibility to inform the Health Center staff at the time you are seen. A written prescription will be provided to be filled at a local pharmacy.

Sickness/Health Insurance

All Hamilton College students are required to have meaningful health insurance coverage. “Meaningful” refers to having access to non-emergent care in the local region around Hamilton College. Non-emergent care is for routine testing, specialist referrals, and mental health care. Hamilton offers a health insurance policy for those who need additional coverage or to those without health insurance. If you plan to keep private health insurance for use while on campus, it is your responsibility to contact your health insurance carrier and make sure that your coverage will be valid while here on campus.

The college does not handle direct billing with insurance companies. Students are responsible for submitting their own claims or to send bills home to be submitted to their insurance company on their behalf by the parent/guardian. For students enrolled in the health insurance through the college, claim forms can be obtained at the Health Center. The health insurance brochure can be obtained online from www.gallagherstudent.com/hamilton.

Contact Information

Health Center

Johnson Center for Health and Wellness
315-859-4111 315-859-4963 After Hours Care
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