Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are not available at the health center.  Arrangements have been made with a local, board certified allergist to accommodate students requiring allergy shots.

Dr. Porus Dhabhar is affiliated with Slocum Dickson Medical Group.  He will accommodate your immunotherapy during the academic year.   His office is located in New Hartford which is about 10 minutes from campus.  Our office will assist you with transportation to his office if needed.

Dr. Dhabhar has requested that you call his office and set up an initial appointment to meet with him as soon as you return to campus.  In addition, he will require the following from you prescribing allergist:

  • Clinical notes from you last check- up visit
  • Complete results of your allergy tests
  • Current schedule with contents of sera that coincide with labels on vials
  • Frequency of injections and late instructions

It is very important that you contact your allergist now to make sure that you have all of this information to bring to Dr. Dhabhar’s office when you go for your initial appointment.

Contact Information

Porus Dhabhar, MD

Slocum Dickson Medical Group
1729 Burrstone Rd.
New Hartford, NY 13413

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Health Center

315-859-4111 315-859-4963
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