Comparative Literature

Your courses will address literature in the broadest sense, including canonical texts, popular literature, film, and opera from diverse national traditions. As a major, much of your work will be done in other literature departments and will involve reading in foreign languages.

Meghan O’Sullivan ’15
Meghan O'Sullivan '15

Proust and public policy: a student's interests intersect

Meghan O’Sullivan ’15 discovered two new academic loves at Hamilton College – comparative literature and public policy – and majored in both. The common ground, she says, is that both areas of study delve into social and political issues.

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Ross Ufberg '07 and wares from his publishing firm.
Ross Ufberg ’07

A graduate’s progress: publishing and a Ph.D.

In 2012, Ross Ufberg ’07 co-founded New Vessel Press, a publishing firm that specializes in translating foreign literature into English. And he’s pursuing a doctorate in Slavic languages at Columbia University, working on Russian and Polish literature. 

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