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Students can immerse themselves in the Chinese and Japanese languages, literatures and cultures through courses offered by the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department.
The goal of the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department aims to introduce students to the region’s changing identity while emphasizing language proficiency as well as culture, literatures, film, and linguistics.

The department offers a Chinese concentration and minor, as well as a Japanese minor.

The concentrations emphasize work in the original language as a key to understanding China/Japan and related issues aiming at and preparing students for further studies in graduate schools and professional careers in international trade, government service, diplomacy, private business, journalism, and other related fields.

(Note: For Japanese and Chinese major concentrations in Asian Studies, see the Asian Studies Program.)

CourseS & RequIrements

BeijingStudy Abroad

The Chinese Program sends students to its own study abroad program, Associated Colleges in China. The Japanese Program has a list of recommended programs, and students will select a program in consultation with faculty. Learn more about off-campus study

Fushimi Inari TempleResources

While all Hamilton students have full access to a modern language laboratory, an audiovisual center and a recording studio, the department provides complete multimedia, interactive, digital versions of the language courses for all levels in the language laboratory.

Professors, instructors and teaching fellows in the department are native speakers of the Chinese and Japanese languages.

language table
The department sponsors weekly language tables where students can practice their language skills and learn more about the culture.

Contact Information

Masaaki Kamiya

Chair of East Asian Languages and Literatures
315-859-4972 mkamiya@hamilton.edu

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