Courses and Requirements

The goal of Hamilton’s Latin American Studies Program is to blend economics, government, Hispanic studies, history, Religious studies and sociology to present the Latin American mosaic in all its diverse dimensions.

The interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies consists of five courses taken in at least two different departments. At least one of the five classes must be either 300 or 400 level. The list below is representative of courses available to minors. Students who would like to fulfill requirements for the minor with courses taken at other institutions, or in study abroad programs, should consult with the program director.

340 Economic Development

206 US Foreign Policy Toward Latin America
216 Politics in Latin America
239 Gender and Politics in Latin America

Hispanic Studies
140 Conversation on Hispanic Cultures
200 Exploring Hispanic Texts
201 Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Speakers
211 Introductory Study of Latin American Literature
217 Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Literatures
221 Representations of Mexico ''68
251 Cultural Studies in Latin America
261 Writing, Self and Nation in Latin America
263 1968: Massacre in Tlatelolco, Mexico City
271/371 Special Topics in Latin American Literature and Culture
281 Introduction to Latin American Short Fiction
283 Understanding the Caribbean World
301/401 Modernismo
303 Representing Gender in Latin America
310 Latin American Theatre
320/420 Contemporary Latin American Novel
341Memory, History and Fiction: Post-dictatorship''s Narratives in the Southern Cone
365/465 Transatlantic Cinema
377 Latino/a Experiences in the United States
400 Senior Seminar

217 Social History of Latin America

Religious Studies
107 Borderland Religion
207 Political Economy of Religion in Mesoamerica
227 Resistance and Rebirth in Mesoamerica
229 Blood and Submission in Native America
316/416 Image, Style and Revolution

217 Social History of Latin America
225 Latin American Society

(from the Hamilton Course Catalogue)

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