Schedule an Event

The following instructions outline the process for reserving a room for an event and posting on the calendar.

STEP 1. Avoid conflicts, view calendar

To avoid competing with events that are likely to draw a similar audience, check your proposed date/time on the calendar before you commit to an event date and time. Be aware that dates more than 120 days in the future will need to be checked using the Calendar tab on the Home screen in 25Live or by calling the College Events office at 315-859-4243.

STEP 2: Request your space

  1. Sign in to 25Live
  2. Create an Event. You will request a specific space during the reservation process. You can check the space availability before creating your event using the Find Available Locations box or the Locations tab. You will not be able to submit your reservation without selecting a space. Please note the other required fields for your reservation include Event Name, Event Type, Sponsoring Organization(s), Date and Time, Description and Location(s).
  3. Enter Event Name. This field is limited to 40 characters. If you have a longer title, please put a short descriptive name in this field then add your longer title as the first line in the description field. Only include the name of an individual if it is easily recognizable to a broad audience or the Hamilton Community. See sample event names.
  4. Enter Event Description. The description appears on the web calendar. The description should not be the same as the event name, and the event location and time do not need to be included. Please be as complete as possible. This calendar is used by many different audiences and you will ensure appropriate and engaged attendees if you describe your event in detail. It is recommended to include a speaker's biography particularly if the presenter is not widely known. See sample event descriptions.
  5. Enter Time of Event. Enter the time you want attendees to come to the event. If you want to reserve the room longer to allow for additional setup and take down time, click on the link below the time for Pre-Event/Setup Duration or Post-Event Setup Duration to adjust the length of the reservation. Please use SETUP and TAKEDOWN to indicate additional time. Do NOT list the setup time as the actual start time of the event as this will cause confusion for possible attendees referencing the calendar and for any support service providers.
  6. Select Publicity & Email Preferences:
    Choose who you want to attend the event.
    Is it invite only; open to the Hamilton community only; or open to off-campus guests (the general public)? You can anticipate an off-campus audience only if you indicate an event is open to the public. If you want your event to be listed on the website calendar and in the daily events email you must click "yes" under "Include in daily email and website."  If you have an event website you'd like added to the description, please enter it in the appropriate field.

STEP 3. Approval and Confirmation

  • Wait for your confirmation that your space/event has been approved.
  • Confirmations are sent by email to the requestor and will normally be received within two business days. Keep in mind that most scheduling offices are NOT open in the evenings or on weekends.
  • You will receive an immediate acknowledgement that your request has been submitted — that is NOT your confirmation. The acknowledgement will also indicate that your request has been changed to a preference — this is normal.
  • You will receive a separate confirmation email.
  • If you need to make a change to your original reservation, please email collegeevents@hamilton.edu.

STEP 4: Make necessary arrangements with support service providers

Audiovisual 315-859-4120
Bon Appetit Food Service 315-859-4985
Campus Safety 315-859-4141
College Bookstore 315-859-4242
Facilities Management 315-859-4500
Media Relations* 315-859-4680
Student Activities 315-859-4194
Telephone Services 315-859-4098

* To publicize an event on the website or in the media, contact the media relations office two weeks in advance.

STEP 5: Attend a Campus Activities Coordinating Committee (CACC) meeting to review your event

CACC meetings are held every Tuesday at noon in Sadove Student Center. Representatives from Student Activities, Campus Safety, Bon Appetit Food Service, Physical Plant, AV and College Events will be there to confirm your arrangements and to ensure that all of your programming needs are met. CACC attendance is strongly recommended for all events requiring support services.

Need Help?

If you need help planning your event contact 315-859-4243. Please direct any room scheduling questions to collegeevents@hamilton.edu.

Publicizing an Event

If you have an event that you feel should be promoted in the media, it is always best to provide as much advance notice as possible (at least two weeks), since some media outlets have early deadlines. Contact the media relations office at pr@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4680.

Contacts for Questions about Reserving Specific Rooms

Room/Dept. Contact Phone #
Athletic Facilities & Fields 

Afro-Latin Cultural Center, Azel Backus House, Babbitt Outdoor Pavillion, Beinecke Village (Display Area, Events Barn,Tolles Pavillion), Blood Dance Studio, Bristol Center, Bundy Dining Hall, Burke Library rooms, Buttrick Trustee Room, Café Opus in McEwen, Cemetery, Chapel, CJ Browsing Room (201), Classrooms and Auditoria, Commons and McEwen Dining Halls, Days- Massolo Center, Eells House, KJ Commons, Linda Johnson Gallery, Rogers Estate, Root Glen, Sadove Student Center, Science Center Atrium, Spencer House, The Little Pub, Wellin Hall and Wilhelm Lobby (Kennedy Center)
College Events & Scheduling

Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art 315-859-4396
Barrett Theatre and Ferguson Lobby;  Kennedy Center for Theatre & Studio Arts
Theatre Department

Sample Event Names and Descriptions

Reference The Editorial Style Guide for common questions, such as how to cite faculty titles.

Talk About Teaching: How We Teach

Join us for a presentation by Professor of Geosciences Barbara Tewksbury on using online videoconferencing to run multi-institutional seminars and to bring guest speakers to the classroom. Lunch will be provided.

Faculty Recital

Tenor Jonathan English and pianist Sar-Shalom Strong perform Franz Schubert's "Die Winterreise" (The Winter Journey). This extensive song cycle presents an angst-filled picture of youthful love lost and is considered to be among Schubert's best works.

Lecture: Changing Nature of Crime

James Jacobs, the Chief Justice Warren E. Burger Professor of Constitutional Law and the Courts Director, Center for Research in Crime and Justice at New York University School of Law, presents a lecture titled "Changing Nature of Crime." Jacobs is a Levitt Scholar-in-Residence and will present lectures from Feb. 24 through March 1.

Humanities Forum Lecture

Melanie Hawthorne, the Cornerstone Professor of French at Texas A & M University, presents "Forgetting Gistèle d'Estoc: Remembering, Forgetting and the Cultural Work of Memory."

HEAG Meeting

Hamilton's Environmental Action Group's weekly meeting to discuss environmental issues on campus and the best ways to combat them.

Contact Information

College Events & Scheduling

Hamilton College
198 College Hill Rd.
Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4243 315-859-4166 collegeevents@hamilton.edu
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