The goal of Hamilton's Music Department is to help students explore and build proficiency in the many dimensions of musical experience through performance and/or studying historical and theoretical concepts behind a variety of styles and forms.

Music is a fundamental form of human art, communication and pleasure – celebratory, sacred, exploratory and communal. Music is typically one of our earliest and simplest childhood experiences, yet it also can achieve the dizzying complexity of a great symphony. It can be as structured as a string quartet or as fluid and improvisational as a jazz solo. It inspires and informs a remarkable range of human movements and activities, from dance crazes to military marches, from medieval prayer to modern choreography.

The music program provides a range of performance opportunities on and off campus for student musicians and vocalists. Students also explore the historical contexts and theoretical concepts behind many musical styles and forms. The curriculum includes courses in music theory, history, solo and group performance, world music, jazz history, jazz arranging, contemporary music technology, women in music, the psychology of music and conducting.

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Music Department

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