You will explore the principles of communication across contexts — interpersonal, social, political, economic, cultural and beyond place and time — and by means of various technologies. Through theory and practice, you will prepare for civic engagement beyond the classroom, in our highly mediated enviroment.

Note: Hamilton's faculty voted on March 4, 2014 to discontinue offering a concentration in communication effective with the students who graduate in 2016. Students may still opt to minor in communication.

Courtney Power '15A student’s discovery: communication's wide range

Courtney Power ’15 has broad academic interests, so Hamilton’s open curriculum was one reason she was drawn to the school. Her first year she took psychology, calculus, economics and women’s studies and enjoyed aspects of all the disciplines. Power discovered that communication was a field of study that would allow her to pursue multiple passions. “I finally decided on a communication major and public policy minor, with my communication cognate in sociology. I’m very content with this combination of areas of study because I believe they are all very interconnected and related to each other,” she says. Her coursework supports her career interests, which are business and law.

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Sabrina Yurkofsky '15

Communication, psychology and an alumna’s path to the TV industry

As a Hamilton College student Sabrina Yurkofsky ’15 wanted to pursue a career in the television industry, and she majored in two subjects she thought would help her get there: communication and psychology. With help from the College Career Center, she did internships related to the field. And she received a prestigious Hamilton fellowship that allowed her to spend her senior year doing a research project to evaluate sexism on television and its effects on viewers. The work combined both disciplines. (Note: communication is now offered only as a minor at Hamilton.)

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