Nominations and Elections

Jerry Tylutki, Computer Science, chair


Katherine Alcauskas, Wellin Museum
Mona Dunn, Advancement
Heidi Griffith, Facilities Management
Christopher Harrison, Wellin Museum
Yvonne Schick, Print Shop

Community Committee

Tessa Chefalo, First-Year Programs
Cheney Cronin, Career Center
Brenda Davis, Opportunity Programs
Andrew Jillings, Outdoor Education
Heather Wixson, Career Center

Wellness Advisory Committee

Dave Thompson – ex officio, Physical Education
Robin Vanderwall, FSS
Nora Fallon-Oben, Athletics
John Hartpence, Athletics
Mary Collis, Environmental Protection & Safety
Becky Seifert, LITS
Jackie Medina, FSS
Joan Kane, Economics & Government
Tim Kane, LITS
Liz Del Giudice, Financial Aid

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