Division of Student Life

The Division of Student Life, reporting to Vice President and Dean of Students Terry Martinez, comprises a wide range of offices and services, including:
  • Academic Support
  • Campus Safety
  • Chaplaincy
  • Community Outreach and Opportunity Project (COOP)
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • International Student Services
  • Judicial Affairs
  • Judicial Affairs
  • Multicultural Affairs and Accessibility Services
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Residential Life
  • Student Activities
  • Student Health Services
  • Title IX/Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

The dedicated and experienced staff in the Division of Student Life is committed to making available the tools students need to take full advantage of the many and varied opportunities for learning and development that Hamilton offers.  As a residential liberal arts college, these opportunities extend well beyond the traditional classroom and laboratory.  Through living in a diverse community, leading and participating in clubs and organizations, playing on athletic teams and in music ensembles, and serving in the local area, students develop and practice skills to prepare them for success in a complex world.

Just as the faculty has articulated academic College Purposes and Goals, the Division of Student Life has identified complementary goals to focus the ways in which students may grow and develop as part of the total Hamilton experience.

Goals of the Co-Curriculum

Hamilton students:

  • are self-aware by engaging in a process of continual self-definition and growth in which they recognize their personal capabilities and challenges, learn from their mistakes, and understand the effects of their actions.
  • show intellectual curiosity and critical and creative thinking by recognizing connections across academic disciplines through the synthesis of ideas and by developing a lifelong commitment to learning.
  • use effective communication skills to express themselves clearly, persuasively, and civilly.
  • value and respect diversity, and strive to work and live productively and harmoniously with others, by listening to those with different viewpoints, learning about different cultures, and engaging openly with others.
  • demonstrate community engagement and responsible citizenship by acquiring effective leadership and participant skills; contributing effectively, ethically, and responsibly to local, national, and global communities; and exercising personal and professional integrity while engaging in these communities in meaningful and accountable ways.

Contact Information

Terry Martinez

Vice President and Dean of Student
315-859-4020 tmartine@hamilton.edu
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