All decorations must be approved with Auxiliary Services before the wedding takes place. In all instances, care must be exercised when installing decorations so that the Chapel interior is not damaged or defaced. 

If your florist is responsible for decorating, it must be communicated to them that tape, tacks or staples of any sort are not allowed to attach ribbon or bows to the pews. In most instances, a local florist will have already worked at a wedding here and should know the policy for the Chapel. The name, address and phone number of your florist must be submitted in advance.

  • All decorations must be removed within one hour following the end of the ceremony.
  • Any decorations for indoor pillars or balconies must be approved prior to installation.
  • The podium and altar table may be moved forward or back on stage but cannot be removed from the space.
  • The curtains may be adjusted. However, it must be communicated to our office , whether you want them open or closed, as many times things are stored behind the curtains.
  • The baby grand piano can be pushed aside if not in use but cannot be removed from the space.


The wedding party must provide its own flowers and make appropriate arrangements with a florist. Floral decorations are restricted to the altar, pews and tables in the vestibule. Any bows or flowers must be attached to the pews by a bracket available through most florists. The florists may enter the Chapel one hour before the wedding start time to decorate and or deliver the flowers.


You have one and one-half hours for the ceremony as well as your photo session. So please discuss your schedule for photography with your photographer prior to your wedding day. Photographs may be taken, at no cost, in the Chapel and Bristol Center lawns. This service is provided only to those people having weddings on campus.
Photos in Root Glen are available at no extra charge to couples having weddings in the Chapel. Residents of Oneida County can arrange for Glen photos for a fee. Only the wedding party and the photographer are permitted in the Root Glen. You need to reserve this space for wedding photos with the Senior Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services at 315-859-4372. Security will be notified of parties authorized to use the Glen for this purpose. The Root Glen and gardens are not available for wedding ceremonies.
Please contact 315-859-4372 to request a Root Glen reservation sheet.

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