New York City Program

Karen Prentice-Duprey
(on behalf of the Program Administrator and Directors)

Erol M. Balkan, Professor of Economics
(315) 859-4180

Daniel Chambliss (Director, Spr '16) Derek Jones (Director, Fall '16)
Naomi Guttman (Director, Spr '17) Erol M. Balkan (Director, Fall '17)
Patrick Reynolds (Director, Spr '18)

Live, work and learn in one of the world's premier cities of commerce and culture by combining an internship with academic experience. The Hamilton in NYC Program is unique in its attempt to encompass a wide range of perspectives on globalization. Each semester, a Hamilton faculty member from a different discipline or program is selected to become director. Recent Hamilton faculty directors were selected from diverse fields of expertise such as administrative law and government, cultural diversity and national pluralism, international law and politics, theatre, literature and film, and international finance.

Participants with differing academic and career interests have interned recently at firms, organizations, and institutions such as the Metropolitan Opera, Miramax, Empire State Development Corporation, New York Lawyers in the Public Interest, ABC News, Merrill Lynch, Council on Foreign Relations and National Geographic, to name only a few of over one hundred and fifty internships on our growing list of sponsors.

The program is structured so that participants spend four days a week as interns in a firm or organization (1 credit), attend weekly seminars one morning and evening (2 credits), and do an independent project (1 credit). Normally, either the independent project or a seminar or both may receive concentration credit in the discipline or program of the director. Special arrangements for receiving concentration credit may be possible between the NYC Program and the department/ program of a student's concentration.