Admission & Eligibility


  1. Programs scheduled in the fall term are open to juniors and seniors.
  2. Programs scheduled in the spring term are open to second-semester sophomores, juniors and second-semester seniors.
  3. Each term's program will have different prerequisite courses, which will be announced a year in advance.
  4. The program seeks motivated, mature Hamilton students who are willing to share their internship experience and independent projects with each other. Criteria for rolling admission include an interview, two faculty references, a transcript (to be obtained by the director) and completion of course prerequisites or consent of the director.
Live, work and learn in one of the world's premier cities of commerce and culture. Hamilton in New York City combines an internship with academic experience and is unique in its attempt to encompass a wide range of perspectives on globalization.

Contact Information

Karen Prentice-Duprey

(on behalf of the Program Administrator and Directors)
315-859-4634 315-859-4077 kprentic@hamilton.edu
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