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Mac Bristol

Mac Bristol: Honoring the Man and the Legacy

By Donald Challenger

The chairman emeritus, called "our College's heart and soul" by President Stewart, leaves an unparalleled record of service, leadership, generosity and vision that has shaped today's Hamilton and sets the standard for tomorrow's. More ...

table  setting

Top of the Food Chain

By Cheryl Sternman Rule

They majored in such fields as history, philosophy, American studies and women's studies, but along the way these alumni cooked up a batch of culinary skills and credentials so impressive that they're now turning out some of the most exquisite dishes in the world of fine food. More ...

Liza Minnelli

When Hollywood Came to the Hill

By Donald Challenger and Allison Eck '12

Forty years ago, the film The Sterile Cuckoo — based on the novel by John Nichols '62 — put the Hamilton campus on the big screen, launched Liza Minnelli's movie career and gave scores of students a pretty good reason to throw a very big party. More ...

Barrett Seaman '67

Inaugural Column: Point of View

The Alumni Review introduces a new column in which alumni who are authorities in their field present distinctive points of view on current issues and debates: Barrett Seaman '67, director of Choose Responsibility, presents a case against the national Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21. More ...