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Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Chapel

By Phillip Hoying '09 and Donald Challenger

You logged countless hours there, you walked past daily, you heard the stories, you saw the evening glow from afar. So you know all you need to know about the College's best-known landmark, right? Maybe not. More ...


Inaugural Column: The Hill in History

The Alumni Review introduces a new department about the College's rich past with pieces on the Civil War by Maurice Isserman, the James L. Ferguson Professor of History, and on the historic Treaty of 1768 marker on College Hill Road by local historian Richard L. Williams. More ...

Justin Ginsberg

Odd Jobs

By Allison Eck '12, Kristen Morgan-Davie '12
and Donald Challenger

When the conversation gets around to "What do you do for a living?" these alumni need a little time to explain. Whether careers or sidelights, they're engaged in work that's well off the beaten path. More ...

World View Photo Contest - 1st Place

What They Saw There

We asked the five student photographers honored in the most recent Worldview Photo Contest to share their winning pictures, all taken during study abroad, and the stories behind them. You'll be impressed on both fronts. More ...