Spring 2011

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Bicentennial Initiatives

The College embarks on a campaign to support its new need-blind admission policy, build new arts and theatre facilities and strengthen the Annual Fund. Why these, and why now? Campaign Chair Jeff Little ’71 explains the priorities and the mission behind them. More ...

Hitting His Stride

BY Dick Patrick ’72

Those who have followed distance runner Peter Kosgei ’11 through his nine national titles may equate that graceful stride with easy victories. They’d be wrong. In competition and in class, Kosgei is all about pushing himself to the limit. More ...

Burke Turns the Page


The library is always a work in progress, and never more so than in the digital era. But the obituaries for paper and ink are premature, librarians say; the point isn’t the technology, it’s the information and how to access it best. More ...

The Hill in History: The Early 1900s

Prohibition and the automobile made for an interesting mix in the 1920s; a generation earlier, good friends Elihu Root, Class of 1864, and Andrew Carnegie transformed the Hamilton campus in a more sober fashion. More …

Point of View: What’s the Fuss over WikiLeaks?

Ambassador-turned-professor Edward S. “Ned” Walker ’62 argues that the WikiLeaks uproar did little damage to U.S. interests or image — because the leaks showed our diplomats doing their jobs well. More ...

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