Institutional Animal Care
and Use Committee

Douglas A. Weldon
315-859-4807 (fax)

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) exists to review the care and use of animals at Hamilton College, and the College vivarium is routinely inspected by the Department of Health of the State of New York. The guidelines developed by the American Psychological Association and by the Society for Neuroscience are strictly observed in any research and teaching involving animals sponsored by Hamilton College. Any student or faculty member intending to use animals in teaching or research is required to submit a proposal to the Animal Care Committee for review. Click here to download a Word (.docx) version of the form.  The use of animals in any other academic endeavor supported by Hamilton College also requires approval by the IACUC.

Protocols should be submitted to the chair of the IACUC in hard copy with the signature of the supervising faculty member. An electronic copy of the document should also be provided. Full meetings of the Committee occur at the beginning of each term. Protocols submitted at other times are normally distributed to the members and are considered without a full meeting. Applicants should assume at least 10 days turnaround time for responses to protocols.

Concerns regarding the use and care of animals on campus should be directed to a member of the IACUC or to the Dean of the Faculty.

Research involving humans requires approval of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board.

Committee Members

Douglas A. Weldon (Chair)
Stone Professor of Psychology

Sally Corney
Animal Care Technician

Ruth Cosgrove
Reference Services & Volunteer Coordinator, Kirkland Town Library

David A. Gapp
Silas D. Childs Professor of Biology

Amy Lindner (ex officio)
Associate Director of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations 

Sue Ann Miller
Professor of Biology 

Nathaniel Strout
Associate Professor of English 

Maureen Walsh, DVM