Procedures in the Event the College is Closed

Campus Information Line: 315-859-4040

(This is a recorded message regarding the status of College delays and/or closings).
On rare occasions, the College is closed due to emergency situations such as hazardous weather conditions, power outages or other circumstances which might hamper the normal business of the College. Individuals released from work or told not to report as scheduled will be paid based on their normal work schedule. Staff members should record such time as time worked on their time sheets with a notation that the College was closed.
Because of the essential nature of their work, Campus Safety and Physical Plant personnel are expected to report to work or continue to work their regular schedule, even when the College is closed, unless they are specifically instructed otherwise. Compensation for those hours worked will be at straight time. Overtime or other premium pay will only be paid as a result of normal overtime guidelines. Individuals who have any questions regarding their need to report to work as scheduled when the College is closed, should contact their supervisor.
If the College is open, but individuals are concerned about safe travel to work, arrive late or feel the need to leave work early due to inclement weather, earned personal or vacation time or unpaid time should be requested.
If the College is closed during the course of a regular workday, a designated individual within each department or building will be notified via telephone. In addition, a message will be recorded and available at the above number.

Notification Procedures

If the College is closed prior to the start of a regular workday, the following media organizations will be notified as soon as a decision is made:
Television stations:
  • WKTV (Utica, NBC 2)
  • WTVH (Syracuse, CBS 5)
AM radio Stations  
WIBX 950
WADR 1480
WIXT 1230
WUTQ 1550
WTLB 1310
WVTL 1570
WRNY 1350
FM radio Stations  
WHCL 88.7 (Hamilton College)
WBGK 99.7
WRVO 91.9
WBUG 101.1
WODZ 96.1
WUMX 102.5
WOUR 96.9
WFRG 104.3
WSKS 97.9
WSKU 105.5
WLZW 98.7
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