Counseling Center

Welcome to the Counseling Center


Welcome to the Hamilton College Counseling Center. Our mission is to provide an excellent level of personal service, and we value three main components in treatment: trust, respect, and connection. We trust you to collaborate with us in your treatment, and we recognize that we are responsible for earning your trust through respecting you as a fellow human being and providing a safe and connected relationship. We strive to provide a diverse array of embodied approaches to therapy, and to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.


We offer group and individual psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation, nutritional consultation, and referral to outside resources as needed. All of our providers are knowledgeable, caring, and have great respect for individual difference. You can read more about each of us here. Our office also houses a biofeedback room, where you can access equipment to monitor your heart rate variability and breath, as well as computerized activities to maximize physical functioning and peace of mind.


The Counseling Center is located on the second floor of the Thomas Brown Rudd Student Health Center building. Our entrance is located on the north (Commons Dining Hall) side of the building. Come by and see us sometime!

Privacy & Records

Student’s privacy is of the utmost concern to us when a student receives services at the counseling center. Records created and maintained by this department are considered student treatment records and the student’s privacy of such information is governed by federal and state laws. Unless specifically authorized by law or required by court order, private medical or counseling information and student treatment records will not be shared or released without the consent of the student.