Find a Job

Develop a Plan

A successful job search begins with a developing a plan.  If you are having trouble developing or articulating your plan, come in and meet with a professional counselor.

  • What type of job you are looking for (informed by CRE and self-assessment) and
  • Where, geographically, you want to do that work.


  • Generate a list of organizations in your field of interest and geographic area (CareerSearch and Google Maps are excellent online resource to use for developing a "prospect list").
  • Learn everything you can about your industry and the specific companies you are targeting.

Network & Search for Opportunities

  • Network with family, friends of family, Hamilton alumni, and other acquaintances. Reach out to people working in the industry and/or city you are focused on.
  • Search internet and print resources regularly – but do not rely on them exclusively.


  • Apply to opportunities you discover via networking or online.
  • Target your resume and cover letter to each specific position.
  • Send required materials well in advance of deadlines.

Follow Up

  • Contact each organization to confirm receipt of materials and to set up an in-person or phone interview (if appropriate).

Contact Information

Career Center

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