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Peer Teams


Our Discovery Team interns are students who have been trained on career development topics such as writing resumes and cover letters, networking, and interviewing. In addition to facilitating workshops and coordinating programs, they serve as liaisons to groups around campus to coordinate workshops.  Typically, you will most often find these students hard at work in KJ, Sadove, Bristol, or the Science Center. However, we have shifted our services to virtual for the 20-21 academic year.

Schedule a peer advisor Zoom appointment through Handshake to review your resume, cover letter, or networking email.

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Discovery Team
Finlay Adamson ’22
Keir Adamson ’22
Lance Barton ’23
Lucas Barusek ’22
Sofia Block ’23
Jakob Camel ’21
Margaret Carmen ’21
Maddie Cavallino ’21
Heather Devlin ’22
Cat Donahue ’21
Craig Engert ’21
Jarod Estacio ’21
Rachel Fein ’21
Liam Garcia-Quish ’23
Elizabeth Groubert ’21
Clara Harding ’23
Jett Jenkins ’22
Lucille Kline ’22
Nyaari Kothiya ’23
Angela Li ’23
Marvin Lopez ’23
Johan Omar Lopez Alvarado ’23
Bianca Macdonald ’21
John Madigan ’23
Nathalie Martinez ’23
Maya Mathews ’23
Catherine McFarland ’22
Matthew McGoey ’21
Lanston McKeown ’22
Abigail Moone ’23
Ian Nduhiu ’22
Cameron Morosky ’22
Anna Neumann ’21
Taryn Pastore ’23
Lily Qiu ’22
Krithika Ravishankar ’22
Alex Reboredo ’22
Mason Schroeder ’23
Brian Seiter ’23
Theodore Simson ’21
Montana Sprague ’21
Samantha Tassillo ’22
Katherine Taylor ’22
Ethan Wallis ’21
Oliver Watkins ’21
Grace Woolson ’21
David Yi ’22

Connect Team

The mission of the Connect Teams is to engage fellow students in industry-specific career-related exploration.  Connect Team Interns help other students:

  • Explore different industries
  • Build networking skills
  • Connect with alumni in potential fields of interest
  • Develop industry-specific knowledge, vocabulary, and skillsets
  • Prepare to search and apply for opportunities

The Connect Teams plan industry-specific programs, workshops, events, and panels to showcase alumni in corresponding fields and positions. Additionally, the Connect Team develops and maintains reference materials and resources to assist students who seek to obtain knowledge about and pursue opportunities in eight key industry areas.

Connect Team Members 2020-2021
Olivia Rodrigues ’21
Group Lead
Aimee Booth ’22
Arts & Entertainment
Francis Cannon ’23
Rachel Lu ’22
Bella Moses ’23
Arianna Robertson ’23
Alex Kurtz ’21
Group Lead
Aurora Cai ’21
Eric Glover ’23
Aaron Hadar ’23
Joseph Reiner ’22
Finance & Consulting
Cherry Zhang ’21
Adriana Jonas ’21
Group Lead
Rose Alarcon ’22
Education & Nonprofit
Emma Mae Regan ’22
Government & Law
Emily Furfaro ’23
Libby Militello ’22
Hope Worcester ’23
Ellen Chincilli ’21
Group Lead
Mackenzie Christensen ’22
Emma Stephens ’23
Lexi Takashima ’22
Vanessa Yap ’23
Celine Yam ’21
Group Lead
Nikki Matsuoka ’21
Life Skills
Natalie Harrity ’23
Life Skills
Ashley Garcia ’21
Group Lead
Owen Anastas ’22
Josten Perez ’22
Qian Ren ’22
Group Lead
Lindsey Royce ’22
Emilio Vicioso ’23
Yuri Choi ’21
Special Programs
Maisie Merz ’21
Data & Analytics
Melanie Geller ’22
Jono Quinn ’21
Affinity Programs
Jafar Sharipov ’21
Danny Tsyvin ’22
Kayleigh Miller ’21
Group Lead
Emily Dunetz ’21
Julia Dupuis ’21
Major Panels
Louis Straaton ’22

Contact Information

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198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323 
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