The Senior Program

As seniors, neuroscience majors carry out a research project that culminates in a thesis and an oral presentation. Working closely with a faculty advisor, each student uses the senior project to synthesize and focus previous coursework. The senior project is an original work of scholarship that provides an in-depth examination of a particular empirical or theoretical issue.

In the Senior Fellowship Program, as many as  seven Hamilton students undertake a major research project under the supervision of two or more faculty members. Recent senior fellows in neuroscience have studied octopamine and single neurons.

Recent projects in neuroscience include:

  • Glial Inflamation as an Animal Model of Schizophrenia
  • Happiness is Sexy: Positive Affect Alters the Neural Response to Facial Attractiveness
  • Epilepsy and Depression
  • How Does Experience Shape Our Brain? A Novel Role for Calcium-Binding Proteins
  • Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder(s): The Effect of Social Conformity on Neural Responses to Facial Attractiveness
  • Nothing but the Here and Now: Is Mindfulness Linked to Attentional Filtering?
  • Seeing God in the Shadows: Is Religiosity Linked to Implicit Emotion Regulation?
  • Memory is Modulated by Subconscious Experience
  • The Effects of Neonatal Social Isolation on Adult Anxiety Behavior in Rats
  • Breaking into Awareness: The Effect of Postdiction on Our Conscious Perceptions
  • Vision and Haptics in Spatial Learning
  • The Link between Mindfulness and Judgments of Facial Attraction
  • Take Me Away: The Effect of Self-Distancing on Neural Responses to Affective Stimuli
  • DARPP-32: The Key to Drug Addiction?
  • Learning and Memory Deficits in a Drosophila melanogaster Model of Traumatic Brain Injury

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