The Senior Program

Each psychology major completes a research project that culminates in a written thesis and an oral presentation. Working closely with a faculty advisor, the student uses the senior project to synthesize and focus previous coursework. Each project is an original work of scholarship that provides an in-depth examination of a particular empirical or theoretical issue.

Recent projects in psychology include:

  • Framing Climate Change Messages with Positive and Negative Liberty
  • Reducing Negative Behaviors in an Elementary Student: A Case Study
  • Effect of Linguistically Cued Perspective-Taking on Empathy
  • Reducing Binge Drinking using Fear and Gain vs. Loss Framing Messages on Facebook
  • In- vs. Out-group Charitable Giving as a Function of Political Orientation
  • Effects of Role Play on Children’s Prosocial Behavior
  • Collaborative Inhibition in Autobiographical Memory
  • Designing Recruitment Messages to Boost Volunteering in Hamilton Students
  • The Effects of Race of Speaker and Argument Quality on Persuasion
  • Overcome with Awe: Meaning-maintenance in the Face of a Profound Aesthetic Experience
  • Leadership Development in College Athletics: A Proposed Study
  • Early Predictors of Long-Term Relationship Success
  • The Influence of Children’s Pretend Play Identity on Persistence
  • Hiring Bias: Mechanisms and Tips for Prevention
  • Early Infant Stimulation: Using Early Stimulation to Create Less Emotional Adult Rats

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