The goal of Hamilton’s Sociology Department is to introduce students to classic and contemporary theoretical approaches in sociology as they pursue data collection and analysis methods with opportunities to apply theory to explain empirical phenomena.

Human beings are social creatures, shaped and in some ways defined by their interactions. Sociology is the study of that process. It explores patterns of social life and examines the ways in which social structures and cultures influence our personalities, families, attitudes, behavior, work, leisure — our very identities. Sociology at Hamilton is a rigorous but creative program in which accomplished professors and engaged students work closely together on a broad range of topics. In sociology, you can study politics, economics, religion, sex, race, power, ethics, history, mathematics and just about anything else involving human beings.

Sociologists ask, for example, how our lives are affected by our positions on the social and economic class structure, or how and why society creates and maintains gender roles. Does technology isolate us or bring us closer together? How can groups and organizations encourage ethical behavior?

Sociology majors learn to conduct and assess many types of social research. They receive instruction in both the methodology of research and the theoretical debates and principles that make social inquiry vital to human understanding. And they are trained to write and speak effectively to a variety of different audiences.

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