Posting Policies and Locations for Advertising

Posting is considered to be any information tacked, tied, taped or stapled to any surface on campus. The College welcomes and encourages members of the College community, either as individuals or as members of campus organizations, to communicate information about events, concerns or other matters of general interest.

The Office of Student Activities does not require approval of campus postings before they go up. We do, however, request that you respect campus facilities and not remove other organizations' postings when putting up your information. When posting information, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Postings may initiated by members of the Hamilton Community (students, faculty, staff and administrators) to advertise campus events and programs. Off-campus groups/events must pass separate approval from the Office of Student Activities.
  2. Postings must have contact information clearly stated as to direct individuals who have questions or comments about a particular posting.
  3. Postings must be done on bulletin boards, walls and doors (subject to the guidelines for specific buildings). Postings must never be placed on windows. [Please note that in the Science Center and the Library, posting is only permitted on bulletin boards, NOT on doors and windows.]
  4. Postings using tape must utilize scotch or masking tape (never duct tape).
  5. Postings must not mention the sale or distribution of alcohol.
  6. Postings must be removed after they no longer apply to the Hamilton College community (the event/date has passed).
  7. Postings must be done in a respectful manner. This includes not taking down, covering or interfering with another organization's posting as well as not posting on areas other than bulletin boards, walls and doors.
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