Sigma Xi Elects 18 Members of Class of 2013 to Associate Membership

The Hamilton College Chapter of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society, elected 18 students to associate membership on May 7.


Students elected from the Class of 2013 are: Jeremy Adelman, Jeffrey Blackburn, Daniel Brimberry, Hallie Brown, Leah Cairns, Lennox Chitsike, Sunyoung Hwang, Joseph Lobel, Carmen Montagnon, Susannah Parkin, Ramya Ramnath, Andrew Seraichick, Akritee Shrestha, Yonghyun Song, Alexander Thompson, Kathleen Vaughan, Samuel Weisenthal and Alvin Wu.


Sigma Xi is an assembly of scientists who are active in science careers. Associate membership is offered to students who are expected by demonstrated activity in research to eventually qualify for full membership. Sigma Xi facilitates a variety of activities that support scientific research. Best known are the grants-in-aid of research program that has awarded funds to graduate and undergraduate students in a highly competitive pool of applications for more than 90 years and the award-winning interdisciplinary journal, American Scientist.

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