Sarah Perdomo '12 Interning at ArtCenter/South Florida Summer Program

Sarah Perdomo '12
Sarah Perdomo '12
ArtCenter/South Florida (ACSF), located in Miami Beach, describes itself as “an access point for artists, curators, and visitors alike. ACSF is a major cultural institution that offers the community exhibitions for up-and-coming visual artists and educational programs in a wide variety of media for many different age groups and skill levels. This summer, Hamilton’s Sarah Perdomo ’12 will be joining the ArtCenter/South Florida team as a teaching assistant at one of the institution’s summer education programs.

Perdomo is one of several dozen Hamilton students who received funding through the Career Center for an unpaid summer internship. She is the recipient of the Kevin W. Kennedy ’70 Internship for the Arts, which is a fund that was established by Amy and John Weinberg and is awarded to a sophomore or junior student who will spend the summer working in the visual or performing arts.

The class in which Perdomo will be a teaching assistant is a sculpture class where students will learn how to make animation sculptures (think Nightmare Before Christmas-style animation). She describes her daily responsibilities as being “caretaker” duties—she checks students in and out of class, meets their parents, and helps with day-to-day things like snack time. In her off time, Perdomo is able to pursue her own artwork in ACSF’s darkroom facilities.

Perdomo is an interdisciplinary concentrator studying the arts as spiritual expression, which combines art, comparative literature and religious studies. “My interest in art goes way back to childhood and my concentration is a way for me to explore art through academic channels such as religious studies and comparative literature,” she said. “It’s my belief that art can be anything from a piece of writing to a full mural.” She is also the darkroom lab monitor on campus and says that her first love is darkroom photography, which she has been doing for seven years.

Perdomo is originally from Ft. Lauderdale and grew up visiting ACSF’s facilities. It means a lot to her to be able to live and work in South Florida again; her parents moved to Pennsylvania when she was a senior in high school and when she left her hometown to come to Hamilton in 2008, she felt like she had left it for good.

Perdomo is enormously appreciative of the opportunities afforded her by the funding she received. “This is not only a career opportunity but also a personal one,” she said, “to give back to the community that nurtured my love of art, because without this funding I really and truly couldn’t have accomplished as much as I have.”

Sarah Perdomo '12 is a graduate of American Heritage School, Plantation, Fla.
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