Nappi ’15 Awarded NSF Antarctica Service Medal

Deanna Nappi '15
Deanna Nappi '15

Deanna Nappi ’15 was awarded the Antarctica Service Medal by the National Science Foundation. The award is selectively designated for service in Antarctica in recognition of valuable contributions to exploration and scientific achievement under the U. S. Antarctic Program as established by an Act of Congress in 1960.

Nappi served aboard the L.M. Gould in October 2012 during a challenging expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula under the leadership of Eugene W. Domack, the Joel W. Johnson Family Professor of Environmental Studies. Nappi is a geoscience major.

Civilian participants who deploy to an Antarctic research station or vessel and remain south of 60 degrees South latitude are eligible to receive an Antarctica Service Medal and Certificate. Eligibility is based on cumulative service of at least 10 days.

Nappi is a graduate of Canton High School (Canton, Conn.).

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