Model UN Participants Take Part in Boston Area Conference

Hamilton's Model UN participants at Boston University.
Hamilton's Model UN participants at Boston University.

Ten Hamilton students traveled to Boston to participate in the Boston Area Model United Nations Conference hosted by Boston University.  The conference convened Oct. 20-23, and drew more than 200 delegates to fill a variety of panels.  Unlike many Model United Nations conferences, every committee functioned as a crisis committee in order to engage students and encourage them to find non-traditional solutions to pressing international crises.

Hamilton students participating were Hannah Carlisle ’14, Jacob Davenport ’14, Allison Fried ’13,  Xinyang Li ’14, Tracy Mazerolle ’15, Jamie Monteith-Mann ’15, Victoria Morrow ’14, Marghuerita Scott ’13, Stephanie Shapiro ’13 and Jose Vazquez ’15.

Students participated on a variety of panels that covered international crises from the Depression era and the present.  Recent committee role assignments included roles on the Omega Risk Solutions Executive Board, the Cabinet of the Turkish Prime Minister, the Iraqi National List Party, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee of Brazil.  Depression era panels saw committee role assignments on the executive committee of British Conservative Party, the Italian Grand Council of Fascism, Hizb al-Wafd of Egypt, and the Soviet Communist International.

In order to accurately portray their individual roles and prepare for the conference, Hamilton students conducted extensive research with the help of Assistant Professor of Government Ted Lehmann, the MUN faculty advisor.  Students used their well-developed public speaking and writing skills while they worked in both modern and historical panels to solve the crises of the day, taking part in international negotiations and creating resolutions with other delegates.

Hamilton College Model United Nations has previously attended conferences at McGill University, Yale University and Harvard University, as well as in New York City and Washington, D.C.  Model United Nations is funded by Student Assembly, the Levitt Center and the Office of the President.


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