Mihai Dohotaru '13 Begins Career as Financial Analyst at UBS

Mihai Dohotaru, a class of 2013 graduate, is jumping directly into a career in business. He began a job this summer with UBS as a financial analyst, taking on a lot of responsibility within the financial services company.

Dohotaru’s work experience began with six weeks of training, during which he learned the fundamentals of accounting, valuation and UBS capabilities. Upon completion of his training, he began working as an investment banking analyst with the Healthcare coverage team. As an analyst, Dohotaru helps senior bankers to create presentations and marketing strategies used to assist UBS’s corporate clients in making investment decisions and expanding their businesses. He commented, “Working directly with major international companies as well as committing long hours to ensure that our team's products are excellent is a huge responsibility for a 23-year-old and allows a much faster career development and learning than many other jobs.”

Dohotaru was attracted to UBS in part due to the impressive network of clients they work with. He explained, “UBS has a major global platform that allows it to connect both high net worth individuals and global multinational corporations on an international scale.” Dohotaru also appreciates his ability to grow within his position there, noting, “They are committed to intense training programs that help us perform better and integrate our professional abilities with their business capabilities.” He knows that the analyst program will prepare him for a wide range of opportunities in areas such as finance and corporate development.

A math and economics double major, Dohotaru has found that his Hamilton education prepared him well for the work force. In particular, he stated that Hamilton students’ ability to write and present well sets them apart from graduates of other schools. He elaborated, “The more important skills I have gained at Hamilton were the ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and world views, critically think about ideas from many angles to come up with efficient solutions, and to write and present well for any possible audience and topic.”

Even with such preparation, Dohotaru knows that obtaining a job in finance is not easy. He noted that securing a competitive position requires “more than just a 3.5+ GPA and the desire to learn and achieve.”

He has some advice to offer to those aspiring to work in finance, stating, “Finance is mainly a people’s business, so anyone considering entering should aim to develop relationships with Hamilton alumni and friends, fraternity/sorority members, fellow athletes on sports teams, and last but not least professors. Some professors are great mentors and guides, since they’ve worked with students like you and me before.” Dohotaru himself is an excellent example of taking advantage of those connections to secure a challenging and rewarding job.

 Dohotaru is a graduate of Colegiul German Goethe

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