Levitt Center Summer Research Grants Announced

The Levitt Center has announced the 2012 Levitt Summer Research Fellowship recipients and Levitt Summer Research Group Grant Recipients. Twenty-one students will conduct research with 13 faculty members.

Research Fellows

  • Julian Aronowitz ’14 with Professor Betsy Jensen
    “A Network Analysis of the Inter-connectivity of Financial Firms”
  • Beril Esen ’13 with Professor Nesecan Balkan
    “Domestic Violence against Women in Istanbul, Turkey”
  • Martin Lavallee ’14 with Professor Steve Orvis
    “Agrarian Land Reform in Honduras”
  • Melissa Mann ’13 with Professor Peter Cannavo
    “Brownfields in Brooklyn: How Environmental Injustice is Affecting Latino Communities”
  • Jimmy Nguyen ’14 with Professor Doran Larson
    “A Comparative Study of Human and Constitutional Rights in Developed and Developing Countries”
  • Ashley Perritt ’14 with Professor Vivyan Adair
    “Emergency Room Profiling in High and Low Income Neighborhoods”
  • Pauline Wafula ’13 with Professor Steve Wu
    “Female Education and HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Kenya”
  • Joshua Yates ’14 with Professor Shoshana Keller
    “Israel's Hidden Crisis: The Rise of Fundamental Judaism in Israeli Politics and Society”
  • Nicholas Yepes ’15 with Professor Emily Conover
    “A Needs Assessment of Guarani Migrant Entrepreneurs in Asuncion, Paraguay”

Research Groups

Levitt Center-funded research groups, a new initiative of the Levitt Center, are composed of one faculty member and two to three students who work together over the summer on a joint research project focsuing on some aspect of public affairs or public service.

  • Professor Andrew Holland with Emily Delbridge ’13 and Katherine Delesalle ’14
    “Bricks: An Intersection of Community and Architecture”
  • Professor Carole Bellini-Sharp with Erika Marte ’15 and Victoria Harbour ’14
    “Bricks: Intersection of Architecture and Community”
  • Professor Phil Klinkner with Benjamin Anderson ’14 and Peter Adelfio ’13
    “A Field Experiment Approach to Analyzing Voter Behavior”
  • Professor Chaise LaDousa with Paige Cross ’13, Robert Trevor Howe ’14 and Kara Vetrano ’13
    “Organizing to Teach Literacy, Reading Cultural Significance”
  • Professor Chaise LaDousa with Anna Zahm ’13, Grace Parker Zielinski ’14, and Melissa Segura ’14
    “Learning Cultural Lessons while Seeking English in the United States”
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