Hamilton Introduces The Scroll

Hamilton College today introduces “The Scroll.” The Scroll was created by the college’s Communications and Web Services offices to aggregate moderated social media content in one location. This new tool helps tell the complete story of life before, during and after the Hill, with content from the community.

The Scroll consolidates personal Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts of Hamilton students, alumni and others in the community, and institutional Facebook pages - from Boston Alumni Investment Professionals to the LBGT Alumni Network to sports teams, to individual student and alumni accounts. Anyone who wants their “tweets” to appear on the page can use the Twitter hashtag, #GetScrolled.

Viewers will be able to share any post with others so that the page will attract and engage many others with an interest in the college.

With so many accounts -- those of alumni, students, faculty and friends -- to follow in a variety of social media platforms, it’s impossible to be aware of -- let alone participate in -- all of the conversations. The Scroll enables users to see all moderated social media content in one location. Viewers will be able to find social media updates from members of the Hamilton community on and off College Hill, identify others to follow and share featured content via their own social media accounts.

Anyone can #GetScrolled, so check back often to see if you or your friends or colleagues show up on The Scroll. Student musings, alumni accomplishments, faculty interactions and mentions of all-things-Hamilton can be showcased here from content that appears on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. New social media networks can be added as they are developed.

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