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Technical Services Department

The main functions of Technical Services are to purchase, receive, catalog, process, and provide access to materials for the Libraries, to manage the related financial records, to maintain the Library online catalog, to check in periodical issues and bind materials.

Materials added to the Library collection come from different sources:

  • Suggestions made by faculty and students.
  • Materials ordered by library selectors to support academic programs.
  • Materials received through subscription services.
  • Gifts.

Once selection have been made the Acquisitions department obtains material by:

  • Verifying availability.
  • Placing orders approved for purchase.
  • Receiving incoming materials and processing invoices.
  • Claiming materials ordered but not received.
  • Maintaining fund accounts.
  • Creating on order records in the library catalog.

When materials are received the Cataloging Department provides access to the new materials by:

  • Creating a permanent record in the catalog.
  • Assigning subject headings and call numbers.
  • Providing physical processing and labeling.
  • Creating item records showing number of copies available, location and circulation status.
  • Reviewing the catalog for accuracy.
  • Distributing the material.



Connie Roberts
Director of Technical Services
315- 859-4490


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