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Barbara Swetman
Acquisitions and Serials Librarian

Recommending a Purchase


Any library user may recommend that the Library purchase specific items. The library makes the final decision on whether an item is suitable for the collection.

The more complete and accurate the information given, the more quickly an order can be placed. Refer to "types of material" below for the information that is required for the type of material you are requesting.

When an item is ordered, a record is added to the library catalog with a notation that the item is on order. To check the status of an order call the person or department to whom the order was sent.

Recommendations for the purchase of materials may be submitted in the following ways:


How to Request a Purchase

  • Web Form:
    An electronic order form is available which allows you to submit requests online. Complete the form and follow the directions for sending it.
  • Campus Mail:
    Send a completed "Recommended for Library" form (available from the acquisitions department or 859-4494), a marked flyer, catalog or biblibliography or, in the case of faculty, initialed Choice cards to the appropriate department or librarian.
  • In Person:
    If you are in the library, you may give requests to the reference librarian on duty or to a member of the circulation staff.


Types of Materials

Request for a Book

If you are asking that the library buy a book, try to supply author's full name, title of the book, publisher, place of publication and price. If you are able, supply also the ISBN and the source of your citation. Faculty ordering items for reserve should so indicate and should indicate also the number of copies needed.

Book orders should be sent to the acquisitions department. To check the status of an order call the acquisitions department at 859-4494.

Request for a Serial

A serial is any publication which is intended to be published indefinitely. The category includes journals and other periodicals, newspapers, annual reviews, yearbooks and many society series.

Please supply the full name of the serial, publisher, place of publication, price and ISSN. Include any flyers or catalogs which provide additional information. Indicate also whether a backfile of any length is wanted.

Send requests to the serials department (Barbara Swetman). You may check the status of an order by calling the serials department at 859-4495.

Please note: Because of the rapidly escalating costs of serial publications very few new subscriptions are being established.

Request for Non-Print Materials and Media

The library purchases a variety of non-print materials. Requests for purchase should be directed as follows:

Requests for microfilm and microfiche should be sent to the acquisitions department or to the serials department depending on whether a book or serial is being recommended. Requests should include, author, full title, microform publisher, date and price. If there are special funds to be used for the purchase please include this information.

CD-ROMs (except for music recordings) which are one time purchases can be treated in the same way as books. Please supply the full title, publisher or distributor, place of publication, date of publication and price. If multiple versions are available for different computers, indicate the preferred version. Please supply the original source of your information whenever possible.

Send your request to the acquisitions department. Serials on CD-ROM should be considered as serials and should be sent to the serials department.

Media items including video cassettes, audio cassettes (except for music), slides, and filmstrips are housed in the Library. Your requests should include complete title, distributor, name of director or producer and version if there is more than one. A copy of the source of the information should be provided whenever possible. Requests should be sent to the acquisitions department.

If you are requesting a music recording supply composer/title or collection title/performer, the publisher and the music publisher number (complete with prefixes and suffixes). Include also the source or your information.

Requests for music recordings, regardless of format should be sent to Beth Brotherton at the Music Library, Basement (013) McEwen Hall, 859-4349.



Beth Bohstedt, Director, Access Services and Collection Strategies
Telephone: 859-4485
E-mail: bbohsted@hamilton.edu

Barbara Swetman, Acquisitions and Serials Librarian
Telephone: 859-4470
E-mail: bswetman@hamilton.edu
Duties: acquisitions, serials

Abigail Morton, Senior Acquisitions Assistant
Telephone: 859-4494
E-mail: amorton@hamilton.edu
Duties: accounting, gifts, rush orders

Cat Stern, Technical Services Assistant
Telephone: 859-4491
E-mail: cqstern@hamilton.edu
Duties: monographic ordering and receipt