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Cataloging Department


Jean Williams
Principal Catalog Librarian


The main purpose of Cataloging is to provide access to library materials by:

  • creating records in the catalog for books, serials, videorecordings, sound recordings, software, electronic resources, and other types of information in the library.
  • assigning call numbers and labeling materials.
  • maintaining the accuracy of the information in the online catalog.

Approximately 75% of new materials are cataloged and made available for use within 48 hours of arriving in the library. Items with the status "RECEIVED" have been received in the library but are not yet cataloged. Patrons needing these items should request them at the Circulation Desk. Cataloging staff will locate and catalog these items within 24 hours.

To report problems, inaccuracies, or confusing entries in the online catalog, contact the Catalog Librarian (Jean Williams).


Cataloging Services and Policies

Materials in the Hamilton College library are cataloged according to the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd ed., 1988 revision, and the corresponding Library of Congress Rule Interpretations (LCRIs). Library of Congress Subject Headings are assigned when appropriate. Library of Congress (LC) Classification numbers are assigned to all materials except periodicals and Archives materials (Alumni Collection, Hamilton Collection, Kirkland Collection).

More information about LC call numbers:

Cataloging Priorities
  1. "RUSH" items - catalog and process within 24 hours.
  2. New purchased books with cataloging copy - catalog and process within 48 hours.
  3. Hamilton publications, Student papers - catalog and process as time permits.
  4. Other new purchased materials - catalog and process as time permits and/or when copy becomes available.
  5. Faculty and Alumni publications and papers.
  6. Gifts.


Useful Cataloging Tools

OCLC Documentation
USMARC Documentation
Other Cataloging Tools
  • LC Rule Interpretations
  • Cutter Tables
Useful Web Sites



Beth Bohstedt, Director, Access Services and Collection Strategies
E-mail: bbohsted@hamilton.edu
Telephone: 859-4485

Jean Williams, Principal Catalog Librarian
E-mail: jfwillia@hamilton.edu
Telephone: 859-4383
Original Cataloging, Problems, Planning, Policies & Procedures

Lisa McFall, Metadata and Catalog Librarian
E-mail: lmcfall@hamilton.edu
Telephone: 859-4788
Metadata for the Library's Digital Collections and Original Cataloging

Shelley Moses, Assistant Cataloger
E-mail: smoses@hamilton.edu
Telephone: 859-4483
Processing Materials for Special Collections and Archives, Withdrawals,
Catalog Maintenance, Call Number and Cataloging Problems

Cindy Savage, Assistant Cataloger
E-mail: lsavage@hamilton.edu
Telephone: 859-4486
Copy Cataloging, Subject Headings

Becky Seifert, Assistant Cataloger
E-mail: rseiferthamilton.edu
Telephone: 859-4492
Copy Cataloging, Name & Uniform Title Headings

Gisella Stalloch, Metadata and Cataloging Assistant
E-mail: gstalloc@hamilton
Telephone: 859-4491
Metadata for the Library's Digital Collections

Cat Stern, Technical Services Assistant
E-mail: cqstern@hamilton.edu
Telephone: 859-4491
Processing Materials for the General Collection