Career Outcomes Report

Class of 2011


In the Maurice Horowitch Career Center, we work closely with students beginning as early as their first year to help them learn career planning skills, specifically to identify opportunities for career exploration and development including shadowing opportunities, internships and other career-related experiences. By engaging in this process early, students have the opportunity to explore their passions and consider how the depth and breadth of their liberal arts education will prepare them for a satisfying and productive life after Hamilton.

Each year, members of the Career Center staff contact recent graduates in an effort to track their progress during their first year after Hamilton. Despite economic difficulty and employment uncertainty, the Hamilton Class of 2011 has fared well: 73% of the class reports being employed while 21% is enrolled in graduate or professional school, or participating in a post-graduate fellowship. As has been the trend in recent years, top areas of employment are finance, education (although there was a significant drop in this area) and the non-profit sector, with a jump in the number of graduates working in sales & marketing, as well as in the health care industry. Interestingly, health care topped the list of post-graduate study, reflecting increased interest in this growing sector. While the majority of our graduates head to the New York City area, this year Washington, D.C. surpassed Boston as the Class of 2011's second most popular geographic choice.

90% of the Class of 2011 answered this survey and we are grateful for their willingness to respond. Special thanks also to Katherine Costa '12, who worked to encourage participation and compile results, working under the guidance of Senior Associate Director David Bell, who directs this annual project.

Please enjoy reading about our graduates' accomplishments. The report begins with a summary that is followed by information on employment trends, top geographic choices, data about those who pursued graduate school positions and statistics about those who accepted a postgraduate fellowship or scholarship award. If you have questions or comments about this information, please feel free to contact me.

Mary McLean Evans '82
Executive Director
Maurice Horowitch Career Center

Overall Status

Based on the overall responses of 434 graduates, 408 (94%) report themselves as employed, in graduate school, or engaged in a graduate fellowship opportunity.

  • 315 (73%) reported that they were employed.
  • 82 graduates (19%) reported that they were pursuing graduate school, and 13 (2%) were pursuing fellowship opportunities.
  • 19 respondents (4%) indicated that they were "in transition" (traveling, applying to graduate programs, or not looking for positions).
  • 7 graduates (2%) indicated that they were still searching for appropriate positions.

Career Outcomes: What Are They Doing Now?

(includes employment, internships, graduate school and fellowships)
Education and Nonprofit 79 19%
Health, Science & Technology  78 19%
Communications  44 11%
Finance  43 11%
Law and Government  37 9%
Marketing and Sales  37 9%
Business Management  31 8%
Other  33 7%
Consulting  20 5%
Arts  7 2%

Geographic Outcomes: Where Are They Now?

50% Relocate to Top Three Cities:
New York City 132
Washington, D.C. 37
Boston 33

The class of 2011 continues a Hamilton tradition whereby large numbers of graduates relocate to the three major east coast metropolitan areas of New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C. However, this is the first class since we began doing this survey in 2000 that did not have a majority (more than 50%) of its members relocate to these three cities. 202 members moved to these three areas, or 45% of the respondents. Philadelphia was the fourth largest destination with nine students (2%).