There’s no one type of Hamilton student. At Hamilton, you will be accepted for who you are and what you believe. And with a student body of nearly 2,000, you’ll be sure to find friends to hang out with who share your interests.
The Making of a video

Audition the College President? It Couldn't Hurt to Ask

As a concert coordinator for the Campus Activities Board, one of my duties is making promotional videos for major events. Our video for Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson’s comedy show revolved around holding open tryouts to find the perfect headliner, and one of its stars was Hamilton President David Wippman.

Strong community

Hamilton is a very welcoming community that attracts people from different backgrounds and perspectives. Everyone brings something unique to campus. It’s what makes our College such an interesting place to spend four years. At Hamilton, we value and take care of one another.

We certainly enroll talented students who are serious about their studies, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. It comes down to this: People who know Hamilton and interact with our students, faculty and alumni think very highly of the College … and that’s good enough for us. 

Character and values matter; leadership matters; brains, creativity and taking initiative matter. Whether it was something related to the academic curriculum, sports or music or one of the arts, whether it was managing a fraternity or sorority or whatever … it’s pretty much a student-run town.

A.G. Lafley ’69—

former president and CEO, Procter & Gamble

Who We Are

A Statement of Community

The Hamilton community gains strength from the diversity of its members. The expression and consideration of differing viewpoints represent education at its best. In our efforts to cultivate an inclusive environment, it is essential that we seek to respect the unique perspectives of individuals on our campus. Students are encouraged to consider the implications of their words and actions. It is a reality that in any diverse community, misunderstandings and conflicts might arise. To work through these disagreements, we as a student body promote engagement in dialogue to create mutual understanding and expanded knowledge. With this in mind, we urge each student to help promote a welcoming community for all.

— Student Assembly
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