Tiao-Guan Huang

Tiao-Guan Huang
Tiao-Guan Huang

Visiting Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Christian A. Johnson Hall 216

Tiao-Guan Huang's research and teaching interests include Chinese grammar, grammar pedagogy, pragmatics, semantics, learning, and teaching strategies and curriculum design. Huang, who is a visiting assistant professor of Chinese, previously taught Chinese at Indiana University and Middlebury Summer School and had various teaching experiences in Taiwan. She received her master's and doctorate in teaching Chinese as a second or foreign language from the National Taiwan University in Taiwan.

Recent Courses Taught

First-Term Chinese
Second Term Chinese
Changing Face of China
Current Issues in Contemporary China
Practicum in Chinese Language Education
Selected Readings in China's Post-Cultural Revolution Era

Research Interests

Chinese grammar, grammar pedagogy, pragmatics, semantics, learning and teaching strategies, and curriculum design

Select Publications

Journal and Book Articles

  • Wanglu Xinwen Liuyan zhong de bu Limao Yanyu Xingwei Yanjiu. "A Case Study of Impolite Speech Acts of Netizens Posting Comments on Chinese News Websites". In Festschrift in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Professor Shou-Hsin Teng.  Beijing: Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 225-247.
  • Xiandai Hanyu 'Suiran' yu 'Jinguan' de Yuyong Chayi. "The Pragmatic Differences Between suiran and jinguan in Modern Mandarin Chinese." In Taiwan Journal of Chinese as a Second Language (a core academic journal according to Taiwan Humanities Citation Index Core), Vol.5, No.2, 95-110.
  • Celue Jiaoxue dui Xiezuo Houshe Renzhi Bianhua Yingxiang de Gean Yanjiu: Yi Zhongwen wei Dier Yuyan/Waiyu Xuexizhe wei Li. "The Effects of Strategy Instruction on Metacognitive Knowledge of Writing: A Case Study of CSL/CFL Learners". In Chung Yuan Journal of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Vol.5, 29-56.


  • An Introduction to Chinese Society & Culture. Taipei: Xinxuelin. 2009.
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Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations in Proceedings

  • Zhongji Hanguo Huayu Xuexizhe Shiyong 'Yi+liangci' Cizu zhi Jiaoxue Yufa Yanjiu. "Study on use of number-measure phrases by Korean intermediate learners of Chinese from discourse and pedagogical grammar aspects". Proceedings of 2016 International Conference on Chinese Language Education and Heritage Language Education, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • Wanglu Xinwen Duzhe Liuyan de bu Limao Yuyan Xingwei Yanjiu. "The Cognitive Mechanisms for Generation of Commenting Online as Impolite Speech Acts." The 20th Anniversary of the Department of Chinese as a Second Language and International Conference, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Zhongji Hanguo Huayu Xuexizhe Shiyong Shuliang Cizu zhi Pianzhang Pianwu Fenxi. "An Analysis of Errors Made by Korean Intermediate Learners of Chinese When Using Measurement Phrases in Discourses." Proceedings of the First International Conference and Workshop on Teaching  Chinese as a Second Language. Taipei. pp. 356-365.
  • Waiguo Xuesheng yi Shuwei Xuexi Fangshi Jinxing Hanzi Shuxie Celue Xuexi zhi Chengxiao Yanjiu Sheji. "A Study of the Effectiveness of E-learning for Foreign Students to Acquire Chinese Character Writing Strategies." Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Internet Chinese Education (ICICE 2007). Taipei, Taiwan.
  • [with Shih-Chang Hsin, Yi-Chuan Wang, Hsin-Yi Liu and Ye-Lin Pan] Yong Shuwei Xuexi Fangshi Xuexi Shuwei Xuexi: Yici Xianshang GongzuoFang de Guancha Yanjiu. "Learning E-learning through E-learning: Observations of an Online Workshop".) Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Internet Chinese Education (ICICE 2007). Taipei, Taiwan

Appointed to the Faculty: 2015

Educational Background

Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
M.A., National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
B.A., National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

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