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Hebrew is the official language of contemporary Israel.

Hebrew is becoming more and more relevant in the world because of its use in a cutting-edge industry, innovation, and high tech.

Knowledge of modern Hebrew and Israeli culture can also be an asset to students who pursue careers in government and in areas such as diplomacy, intelligence, and the military.

Israel is a popular tourist destination because of its history, archaeology, beaches, modern cuisines, and religious sites.

Learning Hebrew at Hamilton, students can gain a deeper understanding of Israeli society, culture, and news media, as well as acquire skills relevant to religion, Jewish, Middle East, and peace studies.

Learning Hebrew at Hamilton you will:
  • Work in small groups
  • Prepare for travel or study in Israel
  • Gain access to and a deeper understanding of Israeli news media
  • Learn the many aspects of Israeli/Jewish culture and history
  • Gain skills relevant to concentrations in religion, Jewish studies, Middle East study, and peace study
  • Achieve fluency in a language that is important to you not only for academic reasons

(Please note that Hebrew is not offered as a major or a minor at Hamilton)

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