The Senior Program

The Senior Program is an integrating, culminating academic experience for all sociology majors. Drawing on the methodology, research and thinking skills that they have developed during the first three years of study, seniors work closely with at least one faculty member to plan and complete the senior thesis. Work on the thesis includes an oral presentation in a public forum, where the audience includes visiting faculty members from other colleges and universities as well as faculty and students from the Hamilton program.

Recent projects in sociology include:Police Officers, District Attorneys, and the War on Drugs

  • Closeness in College: Why Some Students Make Friends (And Others Don’t)
  • College Students and Internet Usage: The Transition into the Virtual Age
  • Songs That Never Die: The Intersection of Death and Consecration in Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • Growth of a Game: Examining Conditions and Strategies Driving the Expansion of MLS
  • Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identity Expression: A look at the role of location in shaping the experiences of sexual identity
  • The Long Term Importance of College on Career Choices
  • From Bowers to Lawrence: An Exploration of Political and Legal Discursive Frameworks From 1986-2003
  • Women of Color and Spectrums of Body Image: Intersections Between Race and Gender
  • From Bedpans to TLC: Exploring How Hospital Nursing Assistants Deal with Dirty Work, Deliver Meaningful Care, & Respond to the Devaluation of their Occupation
  • ‘Starved for Attention’: The Causes and Consequences of Disordered Eating in College Gay Men
  • Cultural Capital as Extra-Credit: A Study of Varying College Experiences of Students From Different Social Classes
  • Alternative Food Systems: Consumer Motivations and Commitment to Ethical Consumption
  • Daily Tunes: Social and Emotional Implications of Music in Everyday Life
  • A Comparison of the Postgraduate Aspirations Among College Students in Mexico and the United States
  • Souls & Voices Of Black and Brown Folks: A Look at Self-Segregation Practices of Black and Hispanic Students at a Predominately White College
  • Comfortable with Casual, but Committed to Commitment: A Study of College Students’ Intimate Relationships
  • The Life of an ‘Exotic’: Finding Your Place with a Multiracial Identity

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