The Senior Program

The Senior Program in philosophy has two parts: In the fall semester, majors take a Senior Seminar that frames and completes the undergraduate study of philosophy. Here students develop their research interests through intensive reading and discussion. They then compose a major research paper, first submitting drafts for peer review, then completing the paper and defending it orally to a panel of fellow students and faculty members. Some students also choose to develop a thesis proposal, which may expand on their work or take a new direction. A student may enroll in the spring semester Senior Thesis project only if the formal thesis proposal submitted in the fall is approved by the department.

Recent Senior Thesis projects include:

  • Non-Therapeutic Infant Male Circumcision: The Ethical Issues
  • Atrocities on Camera: On The Moral Responsibility of Filmmakers Who Include Atrocities in their Work
  • The Subject Side of Respect: Why and How to be a Respecter
  • Sexual Healing: Does Language Preclude Authenticity?

  • Working Towards Happiness: An Exposition of Epicureanism and Guidelines to Happiness

  • Metaphysical Realism: The Door Not the Window

  • Why climb mountains? An investigation into what mountain climbing can teach us about the self

  • On the Rationality & Moral Permissibility of Physician-Assisted Suicide in Light of the Theoretical Nature of Suicide as an Action

  • Truth Pluralism without Realism
  • The Epistemic Value of Art and Emotions
  • Loosening the Grip of Subjectifying Social Conventions Holistically
  • Epoché  and Pyrrhonian Discourse
  • Meaning in Life
  • The Limits of the Market: Aristotle and Sandel on Commodification
  • From Ideal to Institution: Is Punishment Justified?
  • Violence: Covert Violence and Education in the U. S.
  • Famine, Common Morality, and the Punishability Distinction
  • Science Fiction as Thought Experiment on the Question of Personal Identity
  • Thoreau’s Moral-Epistemological Attunement Regarding the Sustainability of Nature
  • Rethinking Urban Violence

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