The Senior Program

The Senior Program is an integrating, culminating experience that draws on the knowledge and research skills you have developed in the first three years. At its heart is the senior project. The project is a detailed exploration of an environmental topic that culminates in a research paper and oral presentation. The Senior Project should demonstrate competent application of methods and concepts from within the student's selected discipline but may also incorporate methods and concepts of other academic fields reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues. Majors plan and pursue this independent project under the close supervision of a faculty member and the program's advisory committee.

Recent projects in environmental studies include:

  • Mapping geochemical gradients and microbial community composition at high spatial resolution in a meromictic lake
  • Addressing erosion on New Jersey’s Long Beach Island
  • How agricultural subsidies have impacted the environment in France
  • Business and regulatory solutions to the e-waste crisis
  • How right-wing populist parties view the environment
  • Climate induced changes in the Adirondack maple-sugaring season over the past century
  • The cooptation of indigenous struggles, labor and, language within MAS environmentalism in Bolivia
  • Subsistence poaching and human/wildlife interactions in Tanzania

  • Does the Environmental Kuznets Curve Exist for Renewable Energy?

  • Improving the relationship between Native Americans and the National Park Service through co-management

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